Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why did this get canceled?! Episode 2

Just the Ten of Us (1988-1990)

Created by Dan Guntzelman and Steve Marshall

Here we are with the next episode of my why did this get canceled spots. Today is one of the first TGIF shows of the early to late '90's. For those of you that live in a box or your parents basements,  TGIF was on Friday nights. It was bursting with shows like Perfect Strangers, Full House, Baby Talk, that show with the nerd, and the other one with the guy from Dallas. They were family shows that were made to keep families at home instead of being out on the streets on a Friday night.

This was a spin off of a little show called Growing Pains, another classic. Gotta love that Seaver family from Long Island. The great minds at ABC decided that Growing Pains had enough funny to be spread out onto another show and night. 

10 of Us followed the lovable Coach Graham T. Lubbock and his family from Growing Pains world to California because he got a job at a Catholic school. Coach was played by comedian Bill Kirchenbauer, now that's a last name. His wife was played by Deborah Harmon. They were a fun loving couple with eight kids. Hence the name of the show!!! Get it. ABC does it again!

The show followed the family and their ups and downs which such stories as money problems and other silliness. The true stars of the show became the four teenage daughters that took over the show. They were played by Heather Langenkamp, Jamie Luner, Brooke Theiss and JoAnn Willette. The girls were all different with the girl with the causes, the slut, the dumb one and the nerd. What a funny concept. Rounding out the kids were a son played by Matt Shakman and another daughter played by Heidi Zeigler. The other children were just babies during the show so who cares.

Funny story about this show it was a ratings winner when it came out. It got picked up for two more seasons but for some reason it was let go after the third. The story lines change to follow the girls. One story line had the girls forming a all girl group(never seen that before on a family show).

I use to watch this one because I was young and thought the girls were hot; man was I wrong! This show needs to be remade asap. Can we get a DVD at least? I remember USA airing the show all the time in the mid '90's before they became the Burn Notice channel.

Give Just the 10 of Us a try again. Gotta ask why did this get canceled?

Tune in next time when we discuss Titus!!! 

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